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Referral Program

Our "Bird Dog Club" is a program we use to thank our customers for sharing their positive experiences at Myers Barrhaven Nissan with others and successfully recommending us to them for their next vehicle. It's something you're likely to do anyways, so why not make some money for doing it?! We are excited to have you endorse or "Hunt" for us with your family and friends, and we are committed to making your "Hunting" season as fun and rewarding as you hope it will be. Sounds too good to be true? It's not! Read on to find out how you can start earning cold hard cash with our Bird Dog Club!
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How Does It Work?

The Bird Dog Club Referral Program works by you sharing your positive experience at Myers Barrhaven Nissan with family and friends and referring them to the Salesperson (or "Hunter") you dealt with. If that Salesperson (or "Hunter") successfully sells a unit to a customer (or "Bird) you referred, we'll give you money!
Paw Tracks

What Are The Rules?

There are three simple, but very important rules for the Bird Dog Club.

  1. The Referral (or "Bird) must ask for your Salesperson (or "Hunter") by name and tell us that you sent them before the Sales Process (or "Hunt") begins.
  2. Bird Dogs and previous customers cannot be "Birds" (Referrals). If someone has bought a unit from us before, or if they have ever received a Bird Dog Reward, they are not considered fair game.
  3. In the event that your Salesperson ("Hunter") is not at the dealership when you come in, instruct your "Bird" to inform any of our Sales Managers which Salesperson they have been referred to and who referred them and they will facilitate the reward for you.

Paw Tracks

How Much Money Do I Get For A "Bird"?

The amount of money we give you depends on how many "Birds" you refer to us that successfully buy a unit from Myers Barrhaven Nissan. The tracking of referrals, or "Birds", is done on an annual basis, meaning a new hunt begins each year on January 1st and ends on December 31st.
Bone Rewards Chart
*The "Bones" we reward you with come from our advertising budget and will never be added to the price of the unit sold